2020 TSXL Franchise Payment
Payment Options

Franchise Fees must be paid in full by  March 1, 2020. All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Make up dates (if necessary) will be the next available weekend and entrance fees will be used for the makeup date. Teams must contact the league 2 weeks prior to each event deadline if they will not be attending a particular event. No credits will be issued. Teams that do not notify the league in writing will be lose the paid entrance to the following event and will have to pay the next events entrance fee by the following events deadline. All events are held at Long Live Paintball. Events are Event Paint only - teams may NOT bring their own paint to any TSXL Event. Franchise teams pay a discounted rate on paint. Rosters for every team must be submitted through the TSXL Site by each events deadline.